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By zapier

What will you be doing at Union St?

I coordinate Sheffield Creative Guild, a cooperative network for anyone working within the creative sector in the city. We connect, support and promote individuals and organisations of all persuasions and aim to raise the profile and status of the sector across the city and beyond. We also run lots of events and a creative timebank scheme.

My role is to do everything from marketing and events to finance and governance as well as manage the website and individual projects.

I have always been a theatre maker and performance artist and continue to create and develop my own work as a solo artist and with companies both in the UK and internationally.

My other passion is sewing and dressmaking which I do in any spare time I get and have been known to sell my products online and at craft fairs.

How did you get involved in this area of work?

Through a rather zig-zaggy path! I come from a theatre background and worked as a freelance performer, director and facilitator but also ended up working on a lot of education and community projects. As well as freelance this led me to working for different organisations in the city. The Guild was set up with support from ACE and the Culture Consortium and I was employed in April 2015 to lead the project. We have only been open for membership since May 2016 so we are only very young!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The variety of what I do and all the many members and partners I get to work with. I love making creative things happen and supporting others to do what they dream of doing.That list is very long but really any working in the creative sector, I’m always keen to hear other peoples ideas and form partnerships and collaborations.

What type of individuals or organisations are you looking to work with in the future?

We try to make Guild membership affordable to all by having tiered pricing depending on your income level and different payment options but I’d be happy to talk about what else we could do to be inclusive to everyone.

What are you looking to get out of Union St?

A community. Working on my own can get lonely and so I’m hoping to meet people and make my work days a bit brighter!

Follow Jane at https://twitter.com/plainjaneshield and visit the Creative Guild at https://sheffieldcreativeguild.com/


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