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By zapier

What do you do?

CONVRTS is a virtual reality content agency serving businesses and the public sector throughout the north of England.

Our aim is to allow small and medium-sized businesses and organisations to benefit from all the positives VR brings, without breaking the bank. Our solution is budget-friendly and platform-friendly. We deliver excellent value for money by producing immersive spaces that capture the attention of all who view them.

A CONVRTS 3D scan for business offers an opportunity to connect with new customers and visitors on a much more engaging level – often for less than the cost of traditional video. We take care of the entire process, producing a stunning VR experience that you can embed in your website simply and quickly.

How did you get into this area of work?

I’ve worked in branding and marketing all my adult life. I’m certain that VR will be the biggest disruption my industry has seen. The possibilities are enormous.We scan physical places, so it offers the chance to get out on the road and see new towns.We naturally align with anyone who offers a sales / marketing service to business. If you’re trying to convince a prospective client that you offer something that the opposition doesn’t, offer them VR!

Will you be looking to collaborate with people at Union St?

Absolutely – team up with like-minded individuals to offer a knock-out service to potential clients. A little bit like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!

See more example and details of Jimmy’s 3D imagery at www.convrts.com


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