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By Matt

Hi K, what will you be doing at Union St?

My work involves management and analysis of large datasets in conservation and ecology. At the moment I’m working on Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME) and bushmeat consumption in Central Africa. Outputs from these projects are research papers, reporting on progress towards global targets in conservation, guidelines and manuals for application of techniques and tools in the field, and some very tidy and user-friendly databases.

How did you get into this area of work?

A lifelong love of wildlife and the outdoors, along with the belief that wild places and processes in nature need to be safeguarded, led me to the study of conservation and ecology. Data management became a focus incidentally, and I aim to move back to a middle ground between field-based and desk-based work

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Figuring out patterns and processes from observations made in nature or from raw data is challenging and rewarding.

What type of individuals / organisations are you looking to work with in the future?

I work with a wide range of organisations and am keen to continue doing so, but would be particularly interested in expanding on the research-focused aspects of my work and build connections with research institutions including universities. I currently work with large international organisations including NGOs such as WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature), conservation funders such as GEF (the Global Environment Facility) and CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund), and research organisations such as Cifor (Centre for International Forestry Research).

You can read more about K’s organisation at www.protectedareas.com.au
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