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By David Edwards

You have a great new band, they have brilliant songs and are amazing live but you need to raise their profile, so who do you call? Well – Liv Willars would be a pretty good place to start. Liv has been running One Beat PR since 2011, establishing relationships with over a dozen labels and representing a wide range of artists – mainly in the indie / rock / punk / folk sectors.

Raising an artist’s profile

“Labels will contacts us when they have signed a new artist, and we start by mapping out a press campaign across both digital and print media. We have also started working with American artists and labels who are trying to raise their profile in the UK. For example, we are currently working with Ezra Furman and we have been setting up a series of interviews and sessions across the key music websites.”

What makes a successful music PR agency?

“Probably the most important element is knowing the music and really being a fan. I spend a lot of time working with bands and labels, and attending gigs and festivals. If you weren’t really passionate about what you are doing it just wouldn’t work. I work with a network of really great people and I also get the chance to link up with people I have always admired – working on a recent Patti Smith release was a real highlight.”

Co-working at Union St

“I moved from London to Sheffield in the summer and soon went stir crazy working at home. A friend mentioned Union St and I have found it a really welcoming place to work with a good mix of people and some interesting connections. Several of the bands I represent played at the End of the Road Festival, and I found that one of the Festival’s founders, Sofia Genders, also works from here!”

You can follow Liv on Twitter here and visit One Beat PR here (both open as a new window). This article was written by David Edwards of Wordscount.

David Edwards
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David is a freelance writer and journalist based in Sheffield currently co-working at Union St, available via david@wordscount.co.uk
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