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By zapier

How would you describe yourself?

Business services professional with a broad range of skills across marketing, business strategy and brand strategy. Specialties: Business development, brand strategy, brand research, brand identity, digital, shopper marketing

I have board level experience at helping clients identify opportunities and developing growth strategies to maximise those opportunities; ultimately helping them create the right brief for the right purpose and delivering against the brief.

What will you be doing at Union St?

Primarily I am focussed on my own internal project. I am available to help out with brand and digital strategy, particularly workshops at the project outset. In other words helping decide what approach it is best to take, what budgets to allocate to various service providers and how to approach the project as a whole.

How did you get into this area of work?

I have 20 years experience in solution sales within the professional services and creative industries sectors. My experience started primarily as selling and delivering large scale brand development and professional services projects. More recently I have been Managing Director of a graphic design agency, Client Services Director of a global digital agency and founded my own brand development agency.

What do you enjoy about this work?

I enjoy everything about my work, even the challenges. It provides an amazing platform to meet a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and work with some incredibly intelligent people.

What are you looking to get out of Union St?

For me Union St is a great place to work in a professional environment. Much of my time now involves working on my own so it would be great to meet fellow workers at Union St.

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