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By Sarah Sharp

J-P Stacey

J-P Stacey is a website builder with over ten years’ experience with content-managed sites. His company Magnetic Phield deals with a range of clients, but specialises in helping non-profits and cooperatives, especially those with a focus on environmental causes and sustainability.

His varied experience before becoming a web developer – roles encompassing academia, publishing, as well as project management and development – lend a broad perspective to his problem solving. Having recently moved to Sheffield, J-P hopes Union St will be the perfect hub to grow his network and meet like-minded people – cooperatives, non-profits, charities and social enterprises.

He offers 10% discretional discount to non-profits and is happy to discuss projects with Union St members.

I enjoy solving knotty development problems while trying to put the end user first.

Find links to his recent work and more information on the Magnetic Phield website: http://www.magneticphield.com

By Matt

Glen Mailer

What’s your business name?
Stainlessed Ltd

What do you do?
Development, Consultancy and Training for Modern Web Software.

How did it start?
I’d been working in similar roles within large organisations and I wanted to continue working on the same sorts of problems – but with the increased power, flexibility and freedom that comes from being independent.

What are you working on at the moment?
In my day job I’m working with SkyBet to build up a new office in Sheffield City Centre to manage their upcoming international products – making sure they get off on the right foot and are well set up for future expansion. Outside of that I’m heavily involved with the local tech community’s “User Groups” – informal monthly meetups where people come together to freely share knowledge and experiences.

What are you looking to get out of Union St?
Union St have been great for giving us access to space for our User Group meetups, and we want to pay that back by bringing more and more experienced technologists into the space to collaborate and co-operate on the interesting things that are going on here.


J-P Stacey
Glen Mailer