By Courtney

Bruno Postle

What will you be doing at Union St?

I will be doing design and structural engineering, typically large sculptures and other lightweight structures. My other current project is Homemaker, a free software tool for designing houses using Pattern Languages, though on occasions you may find me working on the Hugin panorama stitcher or Fedora Linux.

How did you get into this area of work?

I trained as an architect, but then spent many years designing large tents and doing software development, both led into my current line of work.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Doing something different each day

What type of individuals / organisations are you looking to work with in the future?

Housing and urban reconstruction

What are you looking to get out of Union St?

I’m firstly looking for somewhere in the centre of Sheffield to work rather than working from home, I’m also well aware that it is difficult to do creative work in isolation.

For more information on Bruno and his work visit and follow @brunopostle on Twitter.