To minimise the risks of Covid-19 at Union St we no longer host public events, and we no longer operate a cafe open to the public (now serving fresh coffees through our takeaway hatch) so the number of people in the building has decreased by approximately 90%.

These changes have enabled us to significantly increase the amount of physically distanced space available for workers, from two floor to four floors, as we now have new co-working spaces in what were previously the cafe and yoga studio.

Most chairs have been removed, now with a minimum of two meters space in between each available desk.  All co-working members follow pre-agreed regular days so the building is never too busy, and we ask everyone who enters the building to use the hand sanitising stations and wear a face covering, although this is not required whilst working at your desk.

I’m regularly asking for feedback with the aim of making ongoing improvements, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me (Matt) know by emailing [email protected] or by scheduling a call-back via this nifty link here.

Below you can scroll through the 10 page manual detailing the current procedures currently in place;



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