Our co-working space offers a monthly 50% refund for members who find they have time to contribute 15 minutes per day to the project, with NO ongoing obligations. Here’s some examples;

  • Simon brings cake and fruit, puts the kettle on at 3pm on Tuesdays, and invites everyone to ‘Cake & Tea at 3’
  • Ed & Maria bake a cake and invite everyone to Vegan Cake at 3pm on Thursdays
  • Holly hosts our Newbies Lunch for anyone who’s joined in the last 6 months to eat together
  • Theo organises Social Climbers at The Depot, photo above 🙂
  • Alex organises, promotes and hosts Thirsty Thursday, leaving the office at 5pm to a different bar each month
  • Beth hosts the Charity Co-workers Group Co-working Session on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Lucy organises ‘Fresh Meet’ every few months as a chance for new and existing members to catch-up over lunch
  • Joe and Craig host our Developers lunchtime meet-up
  • Jo, Lucy, Alex, Neil and Simon organised our Christmas quiz, drinks & DJ
  • Jonny and Nick became Trustees of our new School for Pop-Ups
  • Rheannon co-ordinates keys for people joining who’d like a locker
  • Kirstine researched and ordered new enery efficient hand dryers for the toilets
  • Bruno waters the plants and created plans for new telephone booths
  • Dennis brings the post up to the co-working floor

How does it work?

  • To discuss ideas and agree how you’d like to get involved you can always book a catch-up with me (Matt)
  • You could come along to the Social Working Group meeting on the last Tuesday of every month at 12:30 on the sofas
  • Each month you can submit a form with a very brief activity description, plus your bank details, to claim a 50% refund from your monthly membership, which will be processed within 7 days

Changes to your availability

  • You never need to worry if you don’t get time to contribute, as your recurring membership payment will be made as usual, and we understand that the life of someone working in an independent office can often mean your workload fluctuates

What if I don’t have time to contribute?

  • That’s TOTALLY fine! The majority of our co-working members are super busy and also don’t have time to contribute, so in this regard there’s absolutely no expectation or obligation.

Next steps

  • To schedule a chat on the phone to discuss joining click here
  • To schedule a time for a cuppa and a tour of Union St click here
  • Or you can send me an email via [email protected]

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