Thanks for your interest in starting a pop-up cafe at Union St, where we offer;

  • a city centre destination
  • a ready-made audience and daily demand for lunches
  • a Registered Kitchen on the 2nd floor where food can be prepared, before bringing it down at 11am to serve

To facilitate this our pricing is as follows;

  • £65/day rent all inclusive
  • paid weekly via direct debit
  • free storage of cooking equipment

If you’re interested in applying we ask for;

  1. the social media pages for your brand
  2. example menus for your first month
  3. evidence that you have tested your brand, for example by catering at a party
  4. a simple plan for how you’ll attract customers to your pop-up


If you’re interested in applying please send more information on what you’re planning to offer to [email protected]